Golf Advisory Committee
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 Golf Advisory Committee (GAC)
8/20/20 Updates from Marcy Valley (Vice Chair)

Change to rules for LA city golf courses: Players must wear mask the entire time they are at the course. Apparently the rule had been relaxed to requiring masks only while checking in and when near others. I wasn’t aware of that relaxation, but it is no more.


Only wishful thinking on allowing club play in the near future.


Restrooms at hole 5 are closed for lead abatement, and eventual remodeling (done by city). Port-a-potties should have hand sanitizer, if they don’t currently. Lead abatement “should happen this week”.


No update on when restrooms at Penmar clubhouse will be open.


Golf rounds at city courses are up 20%


Laura Bauernfeind (Head of Golf Division), says she thinks city courses will retain 10 min tee intervals even after pandemic over.


July 1 was the start of the new fiscal year for the city (and therefore the GAC), so new officers were elected:

o  Chair: Betty Brix (Penmar)

o  Vice chair: Marcy Valley (RWGC)

o  Secretary: Kevin Fitzgerald (SCGA)


GAC voted to accept revisions to the by-laws. They are now in a public comment process, and will be discussed and voted on again next month before going to the manager and board of the Recreation and Parks Dept.


If you wish to read the text of the new by-laws, please email: Marcy