2020 Handicap Information
Last Updated: 01/13/20
2020 Handicap Information

Starting 1 January 2020, the USGA will use the World Handicap System (WHS) to determine handicap indexes, and course and playing handicaps. The new Handicap Manual will be available at the USGA website after 1/1/20. The major changes that affect RWGC play are described below.

The handicapping process depends upon full, accu­rate information regarding a player’s potential scoring ability as reflected by her score. The Rancho Women’s Golf Club follows the World Handicap System (WHS) handicap rules and is required by SCGA to monitor our mem­bers. Failure to comply risks our license to use the GHIN posting system and to issue WHS handicap indexes.

New Posting Rules

Members are required to post all rounds played at Rancho and any other USGA or WHS-rated courses that are played under the rules of golf.

Scores must be posted as soon as possible after the round, and no later than midnight local time on the day of play. A player’s handicap index will be updated every time she plays.

The posted score must be adjusted in accordance with the new WHS rules described below. The old USGA system of adjusting scores in accordance with equitable stroke control (ESC) no longer exists.

Members have two options for posting their scores:

·       Post their hole-by-hole gross scores (unadjusted) in the GHIN system, and the GHIN system will calculate their adjusted score.

·       Post the adjusted total score in the GHIN system, using the WHS rules for adjusting.

Members are encouraged to post their hole-by-hole gross scores and to use the GHIN app on their phone, tablet, or computer. 

Players who do not complete the entire round must still post their score. If you complete 14 or more holes (changed from 13) you must post an 18-hole score. If you complete 7 to 13 holes, you must post a 9-hole score. Rules for posting scores on holes not completed or not played are given in the WHS Handicap Manual.

If You Want to Adjust Your Score Yourself, You Need to Post Net Par Plus Double Bogey on Each Hole

Skip this section if you are posting your hole-by-hole gross scores.

The maximum score allowed for a single hole depends on the par of the hole and your course hand­icap. The maximum score allowed for any hole is “net par plus double bogey”, defined as:

Net par plus double bogey = Par of the hole + handicap strokes (pops) for that hole                + 2 strokes

Instructions for calculating the handicap strokes (pops) you get on each hole are given in the WHS Manual.

Mark your adjusted score in the ESC (or Adj) column of the scorecard.